Bees In Attic - 5 Important Tips Which You Need To Know
Insects in the Attic

Bees In Attic And How To Deal With Them

One of the most common places for bees to enter your houses or any other structures is attic ventilation holes. They like to create their hives in such places. They prefer areas that are high, calm and often deserted and where homeowners don’t appear regularly. The most wide known types of bees in attic which can be found in your attic are honey bees, tree bees and wasps.

Actually, any type of bees in the attic can be dangerous for people and harmful to your property. A lot of people are allergic to bees bites, and their reaction can be so strong that it can lead to deadly consequences.

In other words, bee infestation is a problem that needs to be noticed and dealt with in time.

How You Can Notice Bees In Your Attic

It’s difficult to realize that bees have organized their hive in your attic until you see the following features:

  • Bees fly in a big quantity near your vent holes outside of the house;
  • Some bees happen to get inside of the living space of your home;
  • Some stain or odor on the ceiling or walls of your house.

Bees In Attic - 5 Important Tips Which You Need To Know

Sometimes, when those who live in the house notice bees near the vents, they don’t pay attention to this because they don’t see the whole amount of bees and their hive. Usually from ten to twenty bees can be noticed in one spot.

If the problem is ignored, the bees inside your house can construct a huge hive which will cause a lot of issues, the same problems can cause a wasp nest in attic.

When bees in the attic invade your home through the vent holes for the first time, some of them get disoriented and get stuck in the living space of the house. When they are noticed, a homeowner can understand that there is a beehive inside your attic. So, the first place for specialists to check is the vent holes of the house.

How Bees Cause Damages

When homeowners pay no attention to their attic, bees can live in the attic for months and even years. The hive, therefore, starts to cause difficult problems.

Bees In Attic - 5 Important Tips Which You Need To Know

The big number of bees themselves cause a big problem since they are dangerous and can attack people and cause allergic reactions and even serious health issues. In addition to the fact that there are a lot of bees living in your attic, they create the whole package of the following problems:

  • The hive itself is likely to melt so that honey goes down the walls when it’s hot in summer. This can harm your walls and ceilings as well;
  • If honey goes through the wood, it can cause black mold which attacks walls, ceilings and other areas;
  • The smell of honey is easily noticed by ants and rodents, which can also try to get to the attic;
  • The appearance of new swarms can also affect the property inside and outside of the house.

How To Deal With Bees

If you notice bees outside your vent holes, do not hesitate to call for a group of specialists who are trained to deal with the problem. If you do it in time, you will be able to save a lot of your time and money.

In this case, they won’t be able to create a big hive in your attic and cause damages to your properties.

Bees In Attic - 5 Important Tips Which You Need To Know

We recommend that you won’t try to search for something like “how to get rid of bees in my house myself”, “how to get rid of honey bees naturally” or “how to make bees go away” since you can be hurt by bees or cause even more problems.

Then, how do you get rid of bees? You just need to call any pest control company that offers the necessary services and deals with bees in-house. They have all the needed qualifications and knowledge as well as all the necessary tools to get rid of all the bees and their hive in your house.

If you don’t know which company to invite, you can search in the Internet for, for instance, “bee exterminator near me”, “beehive removal near me” or “bee removal near me’. Just be sure that specialists have the needed certification and licenses.

Useful Video: Bees In Attic

In this video, you can watch how to remove bees from the attic.

In Closing

Bees in attic happen to be not very friendly neighbors. They are dangerous to people’s health and their presence affects the property of homeowners and attracts other pests. The thing that they are helpful in wildlife, can’t assure us that they can be useful inside your house.

Besides, the traces of their presence affect your walls and ceilings and even can spoil your furniture.

Bees In Attic - 5 Important Tips Which You Need To Know

If you want to get rid of bees, please, do not try to do it yourself – you can cause more problems and be hurt by bees yourself. The best way to kill bees is to call for a bee removal service, which will do everything carefully and quickly.

We hope that this article has given you all the needed information concerning bees and their possible house invasion.

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