How Get Rid Of Birds In Attic - 4 Basic Steps + Useful Tips
Birds in the Attic

Birds In Attic: Four Main Steps To Removal

Birds from time to time choose to live in the attic of a house. Actually, birds in attic don’t appear very often. Still, bird removal from attic is a rather common procedure.

They come there since it’s a safe, warm and dry space and some species of birds choose to create nests there.

Among the birds which can enjoy living in the attic are pigeons, house finches, starlings, barn swallows. Some birds roost only under the eaves or on the soffit in them, but if they have access, they are likely to get inside. If birds have come to an attic and noticed that it’s quiet, warm and cozy for them, they are likely to say there for a long time and create their nests.

We may think that birds are really nice and sing well, but in fact, you won’t appreciate their presence in your attic. Let’s look into why it can happen that you will be annoyed by birds.

What Problems Are Caused By Birds

Birds living in the attic can be a reason for some issues. Firstly, birds can be rather noisy, which is rather annoying especially at night. Moreover, some people may suffer from ornithophobia, the disease during which people are afraid or anxious because of birds nearby.

Actually, this fear can be dangerous for its owner since it really affects the person’s health.

How Get Rid Of Birds In Attic - 4 Basic Steps + Useful Tips

To add, birds leave a lot of feces, which can cause mold growth and happen to obtain some pathogens. In addition to this, some types of insects can be easily attracted by birds’ excrements.

Moreover, birds use different fabrics when creating a nest, but the material can be dirty or cause, for instance, some fire hazard.

Another option is that birds will use your house insulation and even electric wires to create their nests, which also cause a lot of damages.

Birds also can have some bird mites which can come to your home and bite you or the members of your family. Actually, birds themselves can happen to be disease carriers. They can obtain about sixty different diseases which can be dangerous to people’s health.

In order to get rid of birds in the attic, first of all, you should find the spot in your house through which they come in. You have the opportunity to shoo all the birds out with a leaf blower, for example, or use humane traps.

Another option is to install one-way exclusion doors so birds will get out but will never come back to your attic.

Always make sure that there are no bird nests left. If there are, you will receive the new population of birds, or their parents will do everything to get back to their nests and will try to find any possible entry hole.

In the following article, we will look more into the way how to get birds out of attic and how to prevent them from coming back. Of course, there is not the only way to remove the birds. If you want to know how to get birds out of your attic, don’t hesitate to read further.


In this video, you can see how to remove birds from the attic, step-by-step.

4 Steps How To Get Rid Of Birds In Attic

  • To inspect the attic and to identify a bird:

You have to investigate your attic and seek for some signs of birds’ presence. You can find birds themselves, their feces, some tracks or damage left by them. You can understand which birds have come to your attic if you find some feathers or eggs in the nest.

  • To inspect the exterior of your house:

Of course, if birds are living in the attic already, there is someplace where they get in and out of your attic. You should find all the possible entry holes and gaps and seal them.

How Get Rid Of Birds In Attic - 4 Basic Steps + Useful Tips

  • To remove all of the birds

The best options to get rid of birds in the attic are to exclude or trap all of them. You can use special traps to catch them and return outside. But it will be perfect if you install one-way doors and have all the birds out without the opportunity to get in.

  • To seal all the entry gaps and to clean the attic

In order to prevent birds from coming again, all the possible entry holes have to be shut. In addition to this, you have to remove all birds’ droppings, nest materials and feathers as well.

How Much Bird Removal Costs

Some homeowners don’t want to hold any bird removal procedures by themselves since they can be too scared by birds or just don’t want to get their hands dirty.

Therefore, they can hire a special company which has particular licenses and certificates allowing them to provide such services.

How Get Rid Of Birds In Attic - 4 Basic Steps + Useful Tips

With such certificates, you can be sure that the company’s specialists have some particular knowledge and experience allowing them to provide high-quality service.

The price of the procedure is defined by the situation. Some tasks can be rather simple and need only one visit of specialists, so the cost can be as small as $100. At the same time, another task can be more difficult and require several visits as well as the cleanup, some repair works and so on. Prices also differ in various cities and towns.

If you want to hire a professional company to hold a bird removal or flying squirrels in attic, for example, you should search for several companies working where you live and compare their offers and price lists.

What Else You Should Know About Birds In The Attic

If birds have already decided to live in your attic and are creating their nests, you should remember that to get rid of birds in the attic is not an easy task since they fly and usually do it rather quickly, so it’s rather challenging to trap them.

How Get Rid Of Birds In Attic - 4 Basic Steps + Useful Tips

If you want to remove birds yourself, you can use some kind of poison. It works rather quickly, but you will have more mess after removal to clean, but it’s not a big deal since you will do it anyway.

You have to be careful, though, in order not to spoil food and water with the used poison or let the poison be eaten by your domestic animals.

If you want to use more humane methods, you can search for some way to scare birds out and then seal all the entry gaps and holes so they won’t come back to your attic.

If you have some particular kinds of animals living in your attic, you can try to use a one-way funnel. But you should take into account that it may not work for birds since they can’t flap their wings while going through the mentioned funnel.

In other words, the best option is to let birds go through their traditional way of entering your attic and try to do it in one shot. There is a good point that when birds leave the attic, they spend some time outdoors, so you will have enough time to seal all the entry gaps.

How can you make birds get out of your attic quickly? You just can put loudspeakers and lights into the attic. You turn the loudspeakers loudly and make the lights bright. The birds then will be disturbed and wish to leave your attic as soon as possible.

If a dog is living in your house, you can also bring your pet to the attic and it will chase birds all over the attic and scare them away.

If the birds have already managed to create nests and have eggs, they are less likely to leave the attic. You will have to remove the nests and eggs out of the attic, so the birds will follow their nests and leave your house for a long time.

Always remember to seal all the possible entryways and gaps and clean the attic after birds leave it for good. If you don’t forget to do this, you won’t later face the discussed problem again, at least, for some time.

In Closing

How Get Rid Of Birds In Attic - 4 Basic Steps + Useful Tips

Birds in the attic can’t be good neighbors since they can be rather noisy, spoil your furniture and other stuff kept in your attic and leave a lot of mess. Besides, they can carry some mites with them and bring them to your house.

Birds can be disease carriers and pose a threat to homeowners’ health. In addition to this, they can cause some hazards such as a fire one, which can lead to a big amount of repair works.

So, we have to mention again that it’s rather challenging to remove birds from your attic. If you follow the steps mentioned above and don’t forget to do all preventional procedures, you will not see birds in your attic for a long time.

Remember to treat birds with respect but do your work carefully and accurately.

If you are not willing to do it yourself, you always have an opportunity to call a professional company which obtains all the needed certificates and licenses and has skilled professionals who know how to work with birds living in the attic.

We hope that this article has given you all the needed information concerning birds in the attic and you have learned how you can get rid of birds invading your house for your own health and safety!

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