How to solar attic fan installation: The gadget that saves money
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How to solar attic fan installation: The gadget that saves money

Solar attic fans do their job well in the direct sunlight. They are simply irreplaceable in the intense heat. They help to create a comfortable temperature in the house in hot summer months.

If you have questions about what a solar attic fan is and how to solar attic fan installation, then this article is just for you.

What solar attic fan is

What are solar attic fans? These are fans that are powered by solar energy in heat. Solar energy under the influence of refraction and other processes turns into mechanical energy, as a result of which the fan starts working and cools the temperature in the room. They are more energy savings than electric fan. Electric fans consume a lot of energy and take up space. They cannot be built into the roof slope.

This method of ventilation is well suited for those who want to reduce electricity consumption and live in very sunny states.

solar attic fan

How do solar attic fans work?

The scheme of operation is simple to the banal: sunlight, falling on a photocell, generates energy, which makes the install solar attic fans spin. For more read on How Does Solar Work.

Solar panel is connected to a low-voltage fan, which a cooler air flow passes through small intake openings, bringing hot air out of the attic by an exhaust method (through a slightly open window). The solar panel is specially designed to absorb sunlight.

It is reliably protected from mechanical influences and weather surprises by special plates. Its size and weight are small, and the price will not hit the family budget much.

Where to install solar attic fan

You can installing it in almost any attic and even on the hottest day enjoy the coolness, and even saving electricity, because, unlike the same cool air conditioner, it does not need battery power.

In addition to the fact that the solar attic fan in heat will cool the house, it will remove unpleasant odors from it. For the cooling, this is a great alternative for air conditioners.

Is solar attic fan worth installing one?

It is clear that by installing such a gadget, you cannot count on the temperature provided by an cool air ventilation that uses a coolant under high pressure to lower the temperature, so that cold air is fed into the cabin by a powerful solar attic fans, but you will not have to sit in the stuffiness with a install solar attic fans.

But, manufacturers are already working in this direction: there are solar attic fans with the ability to connect to a twelve-volt outlet, if there is a lack of solar energy, the solar attic fans can get a small amount of energy to start working. They do a great job in the heat and cooling very well.

How to install a solar attic fan unit step by step

If you want to quickly and fairly simple installing solar fans in your attic, then follow the following instructions:

Make sure you have attic ventilation

First, check if there is a special space in your attic where you can installing a solar attic fans in heat. This is usually done in the vent. When choosing a place, also pay attention to the attic slope.

Cut a hole on the roof

Find a place in the attic where the sunlight gets the best. For this purpose, the southern or south-western part of the all the roof shingles is usually used. For the soffit ventilation system, you will need a 19-inch hole. Mark it. After that, cut out the measured hole to install it later. If desired, disassemble the roofing nails around.

Cutting a hole for attic fun

The solar attic fan installation

Next, remove the shingles around the vent. The reciprocating saw will help you in making the vent opening. This is necessary in order to ensure maximum adhesion of the hvac system to the surface. Next, fix the solar attic fans in the right place. Apply a continuous layer of tri polymer roofing cement around the specially prepared hole and installing a solar attic fan over the hole.

Secure the device with screws and connect the wires. Ensure complete fixation and tightness. Congratulations, now you have a house cool.

How best to install a fan for a roof with a low slope

Attic Slope Attic Size Attic Fan Size in Watts
1/12-4/12 800 sq.ft 1 fan
1/12-4/12 1200 sq.ft 1 fan
1/12-4/12 1600 sq.ft 2 fans
1/12-4/12 2000 sq. ft 2 fans
1/12-4/12 2400 sq.ft 3 fans

How best to install a fan for a roof with a medium slope

Attic Slope Attic Size Attic Fan Size in Watts
5/12 – 8/12 800 sq.ft 1 fan
5/12 – 8/12 1200 sq.ft 2 fan
5/12 – 8/12 1600 sq.ft 2 fans
5/12 – 8/12 2000 sq. ft 3 fans
5/12 – 8/12 2400 sq.ft 4 fans

How best to install a fan for a roof with a high slope

Attic Slope Attic Size Attic Fan Size in Watts
9/12 – 12/12 800 sq.ft 2 fan
9/12 – 12/12 1200 sq.ft 3 fan
9/12 – 12/12 1600 sq.ft 3 fans
9/12 – 12/12 2000 sq. ft 4 fans
9/12 – 12/12 2400 sq.ft 5 fans

Four solar attic fans in the roof

How can a solar attic fan help improve the efficiency of your home’s AC unit?

In some states, the sun can cause unpleasant sensations and problems. When the house gets too hot, there is a need for solar attic fans. The solar fan in the attic not only cools the hot air but also reduces moisture. There is less mold and the wood in your house will last you much longer.

Therefore, if there is a question about the effectiveness of this tool, then you should not doubt its benefits. He does his job perfectly in the home’s ac unit. Cooler outside air does not affect the indoor air temperature.

What is the best solar attic fan?

If you still decide to purchase a solar attic fan, then the question arises. Which one is the best to put? The Solar Star attic ventilation will be the best option for you. He is a leader in the global market.

Proper hot air circulation will provide you with a decrease in temperature, a decrease in moisture. Also, the price/quality is consistent. Customer satisfaction comes first. They do a great job in the heat in hot months.

The advantages of a solar attic fan

If you have any questions about installing such solar attic fans, we advise you to study the following pros and cons of this device:

  1. reduces electricity costs;
  2. prolongs the service life of the air conditioner, as its load is significantly reduced;
  3. cools the room temperature;
  4. eliminates mold and removes excess moisture from the attic and the house;
  5. environmentally friendly;
  6. durable;
  7. easy to install;
  8. low price.

square solar panel on the roof

Technical specifications

Solar attic fans in heat are usually presented in two sizes. You choose which one suits you best. They have a compact low-profile design. This will allow your home to maintain visual neatness.

How long does a solar fan installation take?

The installation of the solar fan is very fast. It takes literally a few hours to installing. If we take into account the time for the solidification of fixing substances, the weather tight installation can take up to six hours.

Which roof types are compatible with solar attic fans?

Another interesting question that you may have is. And is it possible to installation process this solar powered attic fans on all types of roofs? Yes.

If you go into more detail, it all depends on the manufacturer of the attic fan. But most manufacturers make their own solar attic fans for all types of roofs.

After installation, the roof is not exposed to any leaks or other damage. Air conditioning unit are made so that their body fits snugly to the roof.

Hurricane proof & fire safety

Attic fans models are made so that a hurricane and any other bad weather conditions are not terrible for them. The only disadvantage is that in such bad weather attic ventilation there will be little light and the solar fans may work weaker.

The solar attic fans are equipped with fire safety switches. This is a small wire with a fusible link for a temperature of 228 Fahrenheit. In the event of an alarm, it restricts the flow of fresh air and prevents the spread of fire.

How else to cool your attic?

To make your solar attic fan even more efficient, take a look at How to cool attic: Tips that save your electricity bill and Should ac unit attic be insulated? tips for minimizing energy loss in the attic.

What’s the cost of a solar attic vent/solar attic fan?

The average cost of such a solar fans is from $ 300. Depending on the size and configuration, the price for them can increase up to $ 600. On average, they can charge from $ 100 to $ 500 for installation, depending on the location of the house, the type of roof, and other factors.

An air conditioning unit can also be ordered additionally. On average, one air conditioning unit costs $ 100-200.

solar attic fan inside viewinside ve

Chapter FAQ

How to install a solar attic fan?

To installation process a solar fan, you will need to find a suitable place on the sunny side. It is advisable to take the south facing slope or southwest or west facing roof. Make a hole strictly under the solar fans and mount it into the roof. You can read more in this article above soffit ventilation. It is better not to use northern hemisphere.

How to install solar gable attic fan?

The installation principle will be the same everywhere. Find a place for the solar fans, make a hole for it and mount it into the roof. The only advice we can give you. If you are not confident in your own abilities, it is better to contact an installation specialist.

Where is the best place to install solar attic fan?

The solar attic fan is best installed on the roof from the south side. But it will also work from the southwest side. This is due to the location of the sun. Under these conditions, you will get the maximum amount of light.

Can I install an attic fan myself?

You can installing the attic fans in the attic with roof yourself. It won’t take much time and effort. But if you are not sure that you can handle it or you do not have enough tools, it is better to professional help.


Solar fans that are installed with solar panels are a necessary item in hot weather. An attic cool always pleases a person when the sun is too hot.

Answering the question, how many solar fans do you need? The answer will be simple, one. Such proper ventilation systems can calmly cool the air in the attic access and roof, of the house completely.

To install a solar fan yourself, watch this video by @jamest9297:

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