Squirrels In Attic: Yay or Nay - Useful Information 2021
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Squirrels in attic: yay or nay?

If your kid calls for you at night and says that there are weird noises that scare him or her, do not rush to blame closet monsters. All the noises, the scratching, the scurrying – all they can be the side effect of getting your own personal squirrel zoo in the attic. It’s could be flying squirrels in attic or non-flying squirrels. As cute and adorable as these fluffy furry creatures are, there are several threats their “squirrels in attic” neighboring brings along.

How on Earth these cuties can be dangerous?

We know, it is indeed hard to believe that a squirrel in the attic has all the capacity to harm a human being. To begin with, they wouldn’t even pay you the rent for living in your attic. But also these little residents have sharp teeth and little patience, and here is what it can cost you.

Squirrels In Attic: Yay or Nay - Useful Information 2021
Squirrel in the house

Wires and cables

The attic is a wonderful place to keep everything that should not disturb your eyesight on daily basis, including stuff you do not use anymore, presents you had to accept but did not really enjoy, and of course various wires. But guess what? Squirrels are rodents, and their second instinct, right after surviving, is to chew.

They have their front teeth growing without an end in sight, and that means – go check on your wooden stuff and all the wires you can find.

Exterior damage

Squirrels cannot appear in your attic out of thin air, and that means that they found their way in from the outside (unless you brought them to your attic yourself). Eventually, like any conscious being, they would start making their life around easier and comfier, which includes making a nice way through which they would be able to get in and out without any effort.

And again, wooden walls would be not only a great basis for their new entrance but also a nice snack to chew on.


Insulation – or isolation material – or that weird fluffy pink stuff you saw in your attic in the corners, is crucial for temperature regulation in your house. Without it in cold temperatures, especially during winter, you would not be able to warm up the place at all, as well as make it a cooler place during the high-temperature season.

Not to mention the endless energy bills you would have to pay if not this material. And though insulation is not fitting to chew it, it makes a perfect ground for squirrels in the attic to make their bathroom zone in. And as you can imagine, all the urine and defecation can easily ruin it and require replacement.

Squirrels In Attic: Yay or Nay - Useful Information 2021
Squirrel on the wall

Smell and Sore Eyes

This is another surprise you will get if you let these little neighbors stay this close for too long. Accumulated over time urine and defecations will significantly influence the quality of air in your whole house, not to mention the stains on the attic floor and ceiling under it (which can cost a fortune to clean).

Another piece of sad truth, if a squirrel in the attic chews far enough in the walls to fall in and get trapped. In the vast majority of cases, they die in these self-made traps, and this is not the scene you want to discover.

If any of your family members have any allergies, this should be your first concern. Besides various allergies, rotting excrements and rotting bodies can cause salmonella, as well as spread the diseases the squirrels carry. Add some infestation to it, and there you have the full picture of potential disaster.

Why your attic?

We all want to find a warm dry place to live in with all possible comfort; and if your home is good enough for you, squirrels would not mind having the same too. But what exactly are these furballs looking for?

Squirrels have babies, and many of them, twice a year, and your attic can be a perfect place for them to reproduce and shelter the nest. Dry, empty, and warm space – what else squirrel parents can dream about? It makes perfect sense they would try to find their way in there.

Here are some of the areas squirrels may be able to enter from: vents, chimneys, roof edges, construction gaps, gutters, plumbing mats. But also they can break in through the weak areas by chewing them out.

Squirrels In Attic: Yay or Nay - Useful Information 2021
Squirrel on the roof

What do I do, if I find squirrels in my attic?

Fortunately for you, there are many ways to do so. The most gentle and humane way is to get these squirrels into special traps, move them far away from your house area, and set them free there. Traps though, as well as the trapping process, is a scary task and without certain skills – very time- and effort-consuming.

That is why we would suggest trusting this job to pest control and spare yourself some peace of mind and lots of trouble.

HELPFUL VIDEO: How To Get Rid Of Squirrels in Attic

 Watch this video about how to remove squirrels from your attic. Useful and important information.

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