Wasp Nest In Attic - 10 Efficient Tricks How To Get Rid It
Insects in the Attic

Wasp Nest In Attic – All About It For You

There is no inhabitant of the “stone jungle” who would not dream of having a dacha or not looking for opportunities to escape for the weekend to friends in the countryside. However, the natural environment is not only a sea of positive and relaxation but also requires any person to comply with the basic rules of safety. After all, it may happen that suddenly, unexpectedly, somewhere in a hidden corner of the eyes “lurks” wasp nest in attic.

It is fair to say that this kind of trouble may await a citizen. Stinging pests arrange their homes and on (under) balconies, in the basements of apartment buildings, in entrances, etc. What does a wasp nest look like?

How Do Wasps Get into the Attic or House

The first desire that arises at the sight of such an object, unambiguously associated with danger, is to detach it and destroy it entirely. However, in order for everything to work out as intended, it is necessary to understand what wasps make a nest of.

Wasp Nest In Attic - 10 Efficient Tricks How To Get Rid It

What does a wasps nest look like? So, with the arrival of early spring, the females who have managed to survive fertilized start building houses for their future offspring. How do wasps make their nests? The process of “building real estate”, by the way, is not completed until the fall.

Such an object reaches its maximum size in September. And it consists, not surprisingly, of chewed-up plant remains. This building material eventually has the appearance of cardboard of a gray color.

Caution: the mother’s small wasp nests are very careful to find a place for its home. And this means that if, for example, an empty wasp’s nest is found in the attic in the fall or winter, then with a high probability such a “structure” will appear nearby the next season. Here’s how do wasps build nests.

Wasps in attic are constantly migrating in search of places where they can build a nest and live. The paper wasp vs hornet nest is chosen away from human eyes and closer to the source of food. As a rule, they do not attack themselves, especially single ones, but if you try to approach the nest, the consequences can be dire.

How to find a wasp nest? Wasps do not build a nest where they can be easily reached. Therefore, wasp nest identification includes:

  • Attics.
  • The top of walls, if they are made of a mixture of straw and clay.
  • Within hedgerows.
  • In barns.
  • In places where there is a lot of unnecessary stuff.
  • In log piles.
  • In the basement.
  • In various outbuildings.
  • Behind paneling that has come away from the walls.
  • Under the roof of a house or other structure.

How many wasps are in a nest? It is impossible to count them, but swarms of wasps are very large.

HELPFUL VIDEO: How To Remove Wasp Nest In Attic

In this video, you can see how to remove a wasp nest in the attic and what you should do to prevent wasps’ appearance again.

Prevention and Removal

How to get rid of wasps in attic? If wasps nests in the attic show up on the property, it is important to understand what brought them here and whether they are going to stay here for a long time. If there are many wasps, making noises in the attic, there is likely a nest nearby, which sometimes is not easy to find.

To determine the location of the nest, you need to leave in a prominent place the remnants of food that wasps love. They do not mind eating a piece of fish or meat, a juicy pear, an apple or a grape. It remains only to trace where the wasps fly away after the meal, although it is not so easy.

On the day when it is decided to get rid of a wasp nest in house, there should not be a single living soul on the plot, except for those who are engaged in this difficult and responsible procedure. Since wasps show maximum aggressiveness in the case of an attack on their nest, the work must be done quickly and accurately.

Wasp Nest In Attic - 10 Efficient Tricks How To Get Rid ItThe presence of others, especially without protective clothing, is life-threatening.

To destroy small wasps nests, there are several proven methods:

  • Smoking out the small wasp nest insects with the help of smoke. In this way, it is possible to expel dangerous insects, and the nest is destroyed afterward. Naturally, this method is most effective indoors, while it will be difficult to do this outdoors.
  • Use water against wasps. This method is available if there is access to the nest. This involves taking a bucket of hot water and walking up to the nest, then immersing the wasp’s nest in the bucket. After this action, most wasps will die and the nest will become soaked. Naturally, for such an operation, you should prepare carefully to provide yourself with safe clothing.
  • Application of “Dichlofos” against wasps. For this, you will need an aerosol and a plastic bag, as well as protective clothing. In this case, you will have to protect yourself not only from wasps but also from a toxic drug. It will be necessary to quickly approach the nest and spray the aerosol into the cellophane bag. The bag is then placed over the wasp’s nest and tied tightly. After 2 hours, the plastic bag, together with the wasp’s nest should simply be burned.
  • Application of boiling water against wasps. Again, the method is available only when wasps have settled in a prominent place and the nest can be reached without problems. The solution is to boil a kettle of water and quickly pour boiling water over the nest. Again, care must be taken to prevent the insects from biting. Once the procedure is complete, the nest should be placed in a bag and taken to the trash.

Wasp Nest In Attic - 10 Efficient Tricks How To Get Rid It

There are other methods of control that are just as effective and worth mentioning:

  • Controlling wasps with poison baits. This method of control is effective if the swarm of wasps is not large. To implement this method, it is necessary to take the remains of food and treat them with insecticides, after which the treats should be placed in a prominent place, where wasps like to fly. After such a treat, the insects will begin to die.
  • Insecticides against wasps. To do this, you need to make preparations and dilute 5 ml in 1 liter of water. Before spraying the nest, it is necessary to prepare a working solution. The action should be quick. After spraying, it is better to put a cellophane bag over the nest. After 3 hours, the nest together with the bag is removed from its place and burned. The operation is carried out only in protective clothing because the insects’ bite and the preparations are poisonous.
  • Making wasp traps. Simple traps made from available materials help in the control of wasps and other flying insects. To do this, you need to take a plastic bottle, the volume of 1.5-2 liters, and then the top cone-shaped part is cut off of it. In the bottle should be placed some bait in the form of meat, fish, jam or pour a little sugar syrup. The bait will be enough if it covers the bottom of the bottle. After that, the top part is turned over (cut off) and inserted into the bottle. This creates a container with a funnel. The wasps can easily get inside the bottle, but they will not be able to get out.
  • The use of assembly foam. This is quite expensive, although an effective way to get rid of these insects. To do this, you need to buy a can of foam (you can buy a small one), and then use it, applying a little bit of skill. With the foam, you need to quickly blow out all the holes in the nest. As a result, all individuals will die. At the same time, you should not forget about personal protective equipment against bites. In fact, it will not be possible to foam the nest quickly, so you need to be prepared for an attack of a whole swarm of wasps.
  • Using kerosene or gasoline. This method may be effective if the nest is located somewhere where there are no nearby residential or outbuildings because open fire is supposed to be used. To do this, the nest is doused with kerosene or gasoline and set on fire. Before using such a method of exterminating wasps, it is necessary to think everything through carefully, otherwise, you will have to call the fire brigade.
  • Using carbide against wasps. The method is quite effective if there is free access to the nest. A piece of carbide is placed in or near the nest, after which it is poured with water. As a result, a poisonous gas is released, which will destroy all the insects. With this method, it is also important to take care of personal protective equipment.

How to find a wasp nest inside your house? If wasps have appeared in the house, then it is necessary to get rid of such a neighborhood immediately: sooner or later, but they will bite someone from the house, especially if there are children.

It is possible to get rid of the insects in any way described in this article, but for this, you must prepare carefully, because wasps bite quite painfully, and the consequences can be unpredictable, especially when you consider that each wasp can bite more than once, compared to a bee.

One sting can have no effect on human health, but 10 stings can leave behind very noticeable and painful memories. In addition, you have to protect yourself from the effects of toxic drugs, if any.

To avoid a wasp infestation in the attic and its return after successful control, the owner of the room should take preventive measures:

  • remove empty nests in early spring and fall when wasps are still or have not already settled in it;
  • wipe the mark of a wasp’s nest to the ceiling with insecticides, manganese solution or hydrogen peroxide;
  • do not store spoiled fruit that attracts insects;
  • caulk cracks and openings in the attic and neighboring rooms in time;
  • during home construction and renovations, insecticide treatments and sealing of all cracks, holes, and cavities;
  • regularly tidying up.

Keeping a room in an acceptable condition and clean is the basis of insect prevention.

How To Remove a Wasp Nest

The most radical (but also the most dangerous) method of control is the manual removal of a wasp nest. This is best done in spring when the swarm has not had time to breed and the insects are less aggressive.

Wasp Nest In Attic - 10 Efficient Tricks How To Get Rid It

Options on how to remove a wasp hive from the attic:

  • Bring a bag, put it on the nest, disconnect the hive from the place of attachment with a sharp knife. After that, the bag with the “prey” is burned outside, using combustible material.
  • Use boiling water. A bucket with a lid and a long stick will be needed. Pour boiling water into the container, put it under the hive and knock down the nest with the stick. Immediately after the fall, the bucket is covered with a lid. This method requires a certain dexterity and caution: wasps can quickly leave their home and bite the offender.
  • If the hive is low, you can pour cold water into the bucket and “put” it on the hive. All of its inhabitants will die.

Act as carefully as possible, thinking first of all about your own safety.

The fight against wasp nests in walls settled in the attic can be carried out in different ways. The main thing is to protect yourself from possible stings and to follow the regulations. To protect yourself against the reappearance of stinging insects, you need to take preventive measures by keeping the attic clean and tidy.

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